About the Professional-Lurker Blog

I started keeping this blog as a way to work through ideas and as a place to write. My primary focus in my entries is on my research and finishing my work toward a Ph.D. in Information Science. This is not purely a k-log since the blogger is also a living person. Rather it is a mixed genre with features of a k-log, a filter, and a diary. I expect to post an average of twice a week, daily would become mundane for both of us as my life is basically pretty average.

I often revise entries several times before a version is solid in the blog. In revision I may add or remove graphics, correct spelling or grammar, and add or delete material. Writing, for me, is a work in progress so welcome to my world. I have thought about adding version numbers to posts but have not made a final decision on the subject. If you have an opinion, please comment.

I have developed a few rules that apply to how I write entries. First I believe strongly that my work should not encroach on another, rather my interference with others should be limited as much as possible. As such I do not refer to other people by name in this site, unless they have specifically requested that I do use their names or they are public figures whose names can be found on the net performing similar activities to those discussed in my entries. Do not read this as self-absorption; rather it is the writer making a concerted effort to protect others who were not directly involved in her decision to place part of her life online. Secondly, the same rule extends to photos and graphics. Those that are used here represent only me and my words, unless others have given their permission for their likeness to be posted.