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Coundown to Quals
12 June 2008 23:59:59 UTC-0500

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If everything goes well with qualifying I will again be submitting articles for publication. I hope to submit as follows:

1 July 2008 23:59:59 UTC-0500

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The Performativity of Naming: Adolescent Weblog Names as Metaphor

Buxom Girls and Boys in Baseball Hats: Adolescent Avatars in Graphical Chat Spaces

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1 December 2008 23:59:59 UTC-0500

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January 04, 2012

Resuscitating the old blog

The New Year is just past as are the annual days of reflection. I don't do resolutions any more...they never worked for me. In truth the only tool that ever worked to get me to change a habit is a 30-day commitment to changing it...then I reevaluate at the end of the period.

So welcome to my month long commitment to blogging. For the next month I commit to blogging at least three times a week - hopefully more - and then we will see where we are at the end of the month.

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November 02, 2007

Are you interested - An Academic Writing Support Group Online

Do you sit down to work on your dissertation, thesis, or qualifying paper and feel like your brain has left your body? Do your hands refuse to move over the keyboard when you sit down to write? On really bad days do you feel like a huge walking question mark, with no solid answers? Is what you are writing so tiring, boring, or tedious that you are beginning to wonder why you even try?

Well if you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, I think I might know a way we can help and support each other. Are you interested in joining me in a prolurkr sponsored Academic Writing Support Group Online?

What I would like to do is create a secure space where we can vent our frustrations, and celebrate our successes...and be acountable to each other to get our work done.

I don't know about you but I've wanted my own hood for as long as I remember. I started telling people I was going to be a college professor when I was nine...so if I don't finish this I will be losing a nearly 40 year old dream.

I know I need the support to meet my goals and timeframes. Do you want to give and get academic writing support too? Well email me and lets get this thing cookin!

The only requirements to join are that you are working on a required writing project (qualifying paper, thesis, dissertation, or the like), and your general topic is related to internet research. Beyond that...the field is open for play.

I would love to include a few recent Ph.D.'s to join us to act as beacons of hope. I don't believe there would be a lot of time requirement for the mentors, and so many prolurkr readers can use mentorship from those who have crossed over to the hooded-side. If you earned your internet research related PhD in the last three years and you would like to look in and comment occasionally, please let me know as well.

Come on guys what do any of us have to lose by banding together. Besides it's a great way to meet folks and have a group to hangout with at the next conference. We can be a virtual version of the folks on the right. I have dibs on the one with the long braid...someday I will have one again!

Email me at prolurkr...I await your response

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August 19, 2007

Genres of Weblogs - Revised with your input

Thank you for all the comments you sent on my previous draft Genres of Weblogs...Your Input Please. You all made me think a lot about my underlying assumptions, which is a very good thing. I think I've captured my thoughts much more clearly on this map, Characteristics of Weblogs (pdf).

I owe a couple of people responses, so I hope they forgive me for doing it here. I think the discussion is valuable so here goes. One of the comments I got was that I was working from a descriptive standpoint rather than from a genre theory lens on to description. I thought about this comment quite a lot one day as I drove to and home from campus. When I got home I pulled out my trusty copy of Duff's (2000) Modern Genre Theory and did some review work. What I found is that all of the chapters, and the source material I've reviewed, are basically descriptive though often bounded to a particular communication form. I do think I am working from a particular perspective for my description, although it doesn't come through as clearly in the original mindmap. I believe I've corrected that problem in the current draft.

Another comment ties into my revision of the original mindmap, in that the commenter asked about facets that would effect genre that were not represented in the original mindmap. I agree, I do think that on some level this would need to be a faceted classification system. However, much research is needed before a more complete faceted system could be drawn up.

A couple of general notes before you slice and dice this mindmap. 1) I have split number of bloggers into four categories (single blogger, two bloggers, three through n bloggers, and (n+1) to infinity bloggers. I believe there are distinctions between these four categories though I accept that I might be wrong in that there may be less than or more than four. Published research has really only scratched the surface of this issue... with work on single blogger blogs and many blogger blogs - like Metafilter. There is much to learn...so get cracking out there folks. LOL 2) I am working from two perspectives through the lens of a published taxonomy of diary types (Mallon, 2000). My perspectives are published work on blogs (at least through December 2005 as I have some additional reading to do to update the chapters I wrote last year), and based on my own anecdotal experience. This mindmap is not to be seen as authoritative rather I see it as informative as it helps me and the readers see how I believe weblogs genres can be grouped verses a later mindmap that will chart the work reviewed in my qualifying paper - aka long literature review. 3) This mindmap is in no way exhaustive. I think that is impossible unless you timebound the phenomena and do a retrospective review. Genres can and will be added at any level...though I think additions above level five on this mindmap will be unusual. 4) Yes, I know that each subgenre needs at least two characteristics for any of them to be broken down...it's a draft remember. LOL So cut me some slack.

Comments encouraged [email protected]

Reference List

Duff, David (2000). Modern Genre Theory. Essex U.K.: Pearson.

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January 19, 2006

Sitting down to do a bit of quals writing

Carrying on from my last session today I finished with a section word count of 5961 and a total master word count 26,052. Movement is good.

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January 10, 2006

The words mount toward a quals paper

Originally written December 19, 2005 and posted on January 10, 2006.

Well I'm a week into my writing plan and I finally got to actually sit down and actually write. I spent much of Saturday editing my completed quals section and today I am updating with two papers from the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) Conference in October. One of those papers is my friend Eric Meyer's co-authored work with two SLIS faculty members - Howard Rosenbaum and Noriko Hara. Their paper titled How Photobloggers are Framing a New Computerization Movement is proving to be one of those paper from which I draw more information each time I read it...we are going on three reads at the moment.

I have often waffled over the discussion of distinctions between photoblogging and flickr...they are different but are they REALLY different? Of course I can be as purest and academic hairsplitting as anyone else so I tend to roll these things around looking for a practicable distinction. Well I think Eric pretty much hits it on the head when he says that flickr falls into a gray area and including it or excluding it from a study is a methodological decision...decision because it's just not clear cut enough to have a hard line between the two.

Words written today...lord alone knows I didn't take a "pre-session" word count on the section.

Final word count for section = 3840

Quals sections completed = 1 of 10.

Total document word count after todays writing = 22,270 (discussion of my writing practices that explains this count).

I also spent time today working with the outline for a second section of the paper. This is a tough part for me. I keep hearing Susan saying "What story do you want to tell?" but sometimes the story is clearer than others, particularly with literature reviews it think they hold their secretes very close to the vest. So I tend to slug each paragraph of what I want to present with a keyword and then move them around like puzzle pieces until the flow is right. Maybe not the best way to do this but not an uncommon one either. So I sat in my office today with papers spread out on my desk looking at the best layout for my keyworded design.

Then it hit me...put the keywords into MindMap to see if it made more sense that way. Now why didn't I think of this before! It's so much easier to see where things should go...what should be combined...and what topics just don't fit, when you can see everything at once. Yes there is still some shifting back and forth to read the paragraphs that received the keywords I'm sorting...but it's so minor compared to flipping through stacks of paper for every facet of the organizing process.

Quals section starting word count = 5612.

Total document word count after the addition of the new material and rearranged section = 26,358.

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December 13, 2005

Quals writing

Monday, yesterday, was my first day of my plan to get quals done by the end of the fiscal year. Of course I am still tieing up ends from my classes this semester and I haven't started working on the project yet. Because part of the work is under submission I will have to be vague about it on the blog. Maybe that's good because it can build suspense. LOL Quals and suspense...now there is a concept.

Written today...not a word.

Sections completed 0/10.

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November 14, 2005


After days of thinking and reading and writing this iteration of the project is done. One more review and the whole thing is off for the CFP. Cross your fingers through the holidays, I should know if it's been provisionally accepted in January.

Final count with abstract, appendix (draft section), reference list, endnotes = 25 pages.

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November 13, 2005

Two days and counting down

Well I had more written and my computer locked up and I lost it. *sigh* Frustration. Think I'll take a break and either write more later or tackle it all in the morning.

I probably should add that this submission is by page length rather than word count. With a couple of their required features I'm very close to their lower limit at the moment. So my earlier posts using 5,000 words were just a target...not the actual requirement.

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November 12, 2005

A good day of writing

A good day of writing. I'm almost there, maybe another 750 words or so and this one will be nailed. *S* Life is good. LOL Now just have to finish it and pull together my NCA presentation before I head for the airplane on Tuesday.

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November 11, 2005

A Writing Day

Well I made some significant inroads on this paper. I began by reorganizing what I organized yesterday, taking out all of the new material and placing it in outside files for later inclusion. What can I say yesterday it seemed like a good idea to have it all in the master file but then I slept on it, and reviewed the submission instructions. So I am back to a 5,000 word goal, rather than the 8,410 shown in yesterday's post. This does make reporting counts to you neater, but now I have multiple files to track. Thank the gods for UltraRecall.

p.s. Because I can't remember exactly what I included in yesterday's count I am working from Monday's count, so the increase should be spread over two days not just one.

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November 10, 2005

Writing, writing, writing

Thursday's always seem to be a bit lost, after teaching two labs and a lecture on Wednesday evening. I decided to get some work done on the paper today even if it wasn't earth shattering. As I write this the counter says my deadline is 5D : 7H : 9M :36S away. This is my last known deadline for 2005, no other conferences or publications are due until after the first of the year.

I added material in so that my new word count looks a bit odd for a day that I'm saying hasn't been extremely productive so far. Consider it a new baseline.

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November 07, 2005

Monday and updating rather than writing

I spent most of my "writing" time today making sure I have my Reference Manager up to date with recent conference presentations on weblogs. I need an accurate, well as accurate as I can get, count. So not tons of words today, well at least not so far, but it is moving. Now things should start falling into place. Might try to do some writing after I teach tonight, assuming I am awake when I get home.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
506 / 5,000

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November 06, 2005

A few words for a Sunday

Not a big addition of words today but every little bit helps.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
443 / 5,000

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November 05, 2005

Getting an extended abstract ready for submission

I've spent some time, probably not enough but some, today working on pulling together the document structure I will need for the abstract that is due on the 15th (see the counter on the left sidebar under Time until my next publication submission deadline). This is a first for me as I have never before written an extended abstract. The process seems much like what I understand other U.S. departments require for dissertation proposals, my department requires much more so that many are 70 or 80 pages long.

So far it has been an interesting process articulating my literature review process in such detail, though not much of that is yet on paper. It's not that I haven't thought about it before I just haven't laid it out in such precise steps when I usually just dive in and do it.

So though the word count is misleading, it includes the outline of the chapter and doesn't reflect time, here it is:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
425 / 5,000

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September 09, 2005

Doing a unit-based dash to get quals moving

43Folders, one of my favorite tips blogs even though I don't do Apples, had a great idea in their Kick procrastination's ass: Run a dash post. I utilized a "unit-based dash" to get a bit of work done on quals today even with meetings and errands. I printed out and labeled the two files that need to be analyzed so I can continue writing. I set my count-up timer just to see how much time I invested...Answer = 8:53 minutes.

Three kinds of dashes

Try using a kitchen timer to run your time-based dash.

Plan your dash based on whatever works best for both your project and the particular block that's hanging you up. The key is to pick a goal that's laughably modest. Seriously, this is not the place for extravagant predictions and overly ambitious goals (that's probably what helped land you here, right?).

  • Time-based dash - Most jobs lend themselves to a time-based dash, so pick up a kitchen timer at your local drugstore. Choose an amount of time that gives you enough room to do something but that's brief enough to seem completely unintimidating. For some reason, eight minutes seems to work well for most of my own dashes.
  • Unit-based dash - Alternatively, depending on the tasks you've been avoiding, you could go with a unit-based dash, during which you agree to plow through an arbitrary number of pieces associated with your project (such as pages to read, words to write, glasses to wash, etc.).
  • Combination dash - In many cases, the best solution is a combination dash, in which you get to stop the hated work whenever you reach either the time or unit goal first.

Above all, remember that this is all about doing something, so pick a goal at which you can't possibly fail.

Some Sample Dashes

Here are a few ideas to get you started, although dashes can work for virtually any project you've procrastinated--no matter how monolithic.

  • Messy garage - Goal: 10 minutes or 1 full garbage bag. Spend 10 minutes working in one area of the garage. Take out old papers, break down some boxes, or move the Christmas ornaments to the top shelf. When the timer buzzes at you, stop.
  • College application - Goal: 5 minutes or 1 page. Start by filling in the easy boxes. If you reach the bottom of the page before time is up, stop.
  • Overdue report - Goal: 10 minutes or 100 words. Just start writing, even if it's complete crap. Just keep scribbling for 10 minutes or until you have a paragraph or two. When time's up, stop.
  • Holiday cards and family correspondence - Goal: 5 minutes or 2 notes. Grab a pen and start making with the nice. Tell them about Tyler's big day at Computer Camp. Brag about Ashley-Marie's jazz and tap recital. When you've hit two finished cards, stop.

So far no additional words today.  But movement is still movement...and I'll take anything that is crawling forward on this project.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
22,234 / 30,000

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September 08, 2005

Today's word count...a starting point

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
22,234 / 30,000
(74.0%) of the Quals Paper

I haven't done much on the quals file since I began preparing for classes a couple of months ago - I did lots of preparation reading for the class that didn't make. Turns out I need to figure out exactly where I am in the section on which I was last working. I think this is a "print out lots of pages and lay it all out" kind of problem, which makes it a daylight problem so it is best left for tomorrow.

As I have written previously my writing style, when working with literature reviews, is gather all the material I want to quote, give each snip-it a keyword, then to rearrange the keywords until the flow makes sense. Then once that "outline" is done I write and paraphrase to knit everything together. Maybe not the best way to work but it is the best I have found for me. So that means that word counts can be a bit deceiving as counts may shift up and down radically during my process. No matter I always look at the counts as a way to keep myself on track.

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New Category - Daily Writing

New Category - Daily Writing

I had been thinking about working to change my writing requirements before I read today's essay from Tomorrow's Professor, as reprinted here.  I've been saying that I needed to reset my internal clock so that I was writing in smaller time blocks rather than waiting for 4 hours to do a long session.  Those blocks are becoming increasingly more difficult to set aside. 

So I'm adopting the steps set out in the essay Publish and Flourish:  Becoming a Prolific Scholar.  To that end I have added a new category to the blog entitled Daily Writing...the time, oh the time.  This category will be used to capture and track my daily writing - projects, time, and word counts.  Guess I'm using all of you to keep me honest.  It's rather difficult to hide from a public display of your success or failure.

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