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October 14, 2007

A head-smacking against the wall day

Have you ever had one of those days where you are traveling along a chain of links, just checking out the new information that will help you with a current or a future project, and there buried among the links is a captivating piece of information YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY KNOWN.  My morning has been like that.  *sigh*

I added a CFP to my 2008 Academic Activities file in UltraRecall which had me looking at other CFPs I have listed by submission date.  This took me to Lifewriting Annual for which I have their 2006 inaugural issue's CFP archived under January 2008...no doubt they have had so many submissions that further CFP's have been unnecessary. 

Well from Lifewriting Annual I went to International Auto/Biography Association whose CFP for their upcoming conference I posted on prolurker.  From there I took a look at some of the sites that link from IABA to universities with a special interest in this type of research.  Among those listed is LaTrobe University, Bundoora, AU and their Unit for Studies in Biography and Autobiography.  I'm always interested in what universities support the kind of research I do, never know if it might mean a future job or at least future collaboration opportunities.

On the Unit for Studies in Biography and Autobiography site I found a list Corresponding Members from around the world.  I was pleased to see that one of their CM's is from Indiana...John Eakin.  So, of course, I popped his name into a Google search and found his university bio. 

At that point I nearly fell out of my chair, you see "John Eakin" is "Paul John Eakin" an Indiana University English Professor Emeritus who is one of the movers and shakers behind the auto/biography community.  I simply had no idea that the work I've been reading for a couple of years now, was written by an Indiana University professor.  As I said in my email to him, I need to pay much more attention to the biographical information found on journal articles and books I read and reread.

I immediately sent him an email asking him to lunch or for coffee to discuss electronic lifewriting.  Good thing I had his book How Our Lives Become Stories set out to take along for reading on the plane.  I hope he accepts and I can pick his brain for insight that will help my work from quals through dissertation.

Life can be simply amazing sometimes, I had no idea when I started working this morning that I would end up writing an email to a professor whose work I admire.

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Posted by prolurkr at October 14, 2007 12:32 PM

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