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April 02, 2006

Indiana’s first day of daylight savings time

Today is Indiana's first day of daylight savins time in over 30 years. What can I say, we ran around resetting clocks last night before bed. What a silly thing to do, as though they can actually legislate the time.

The transition here has been interesting, and knowing Indiana politics I would not assume it's a done deal. You see something like 60% of the population don't want daylight savings time, but our governor was elected on a platform that made daylight savings time one of his top agenda items...Yes I get the dichotomy. Personally I was for the change for many years, though I have not been supporting it this time. The whole thing was handled very badly and that made me reconsider my thinking on the subject.

Just so you know time in Indiana is not a simpler thing now. Take a look at the map on the right, I took this from the Toledo Blade's article Times are a-changin' across all of Indiana. Where I am in south central Indiana we will be on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). The northwestern section of the state will be on Central Daylight Time (CDT). And finally the toes of Indiana, the southwestern counties, are also on CDT. So when you are calling someone in Indiana you better know what county they are in so you can figure out what time it is. LOL And this is an improvement over the old system in what ways? LOL Oh well wouldn't want to let the governor down now would we.

Posted by prolurkr at April 2, 2006 09:23 AM

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As an outsider, it's been an interesting thing to watch. Doing without DST hasn't been a profitable thing as Indiana was never continually on the same time as Central or Eastern. Those that had to do business with people in Indiana had to adjust for the atypical way of doing things (only Indiana and Arizona I believe did the standard time thing) .Moving into DST isn't easy either as there are a lot of locations that really need to be on the same time -- Chicago, Cincinatti and Louisville. Because of these differences, I think they did the right thing by splitting up Indiana the way they did. I just wish Monroe Co. would have been on CDT as it would make travel and communication with family/friends back home easier.

I don't vote in Indiana and pay no attention to the state's politics (though I probably should), but I think they did a wise thing.

Posted by: Nick at April 2, 2006 02:01 PM

Imaginary time is only supported by out of staters who don't know any better and think all Hoosiers are ignorant hicks.

But look who wants to reset clocks twice a year.

Hoosiers, if nothing else are no-nonsense people. Quite frankly, DST is nonsense.

Posted by: Stealth at April 3, 2006 11:22 AM

There is rational for DST. There are things like the energy savings from having extra daylight and increased time for crop work in the daylight (I come from an area in IL that's a farming community and much less-populated than Bloomington. The farmers there definitely use the light).

The idea for DST can be attributed to Benjamin Franklin and numerous countries worldwide now use it for the things described above among other things. It is not without a small amount of work, but the benefits definitely outweigh the hassle of changing a few clocks 2/365 days of the year.

Posted by: Nick at April 3, 2006 09:48 PM

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