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November 17, 2005

Thursday at NCA 2005

Today was a very full day of sessions. I started out at 8:00 am with:

Sponsor: Performance Studies Division
Chair: Devika Chawla, Ohio University

Rukhsana Ahmed, Ohio University
Min Wha Han, Ohio University
Stephanie Young, Ohio University

Respondent: Bernadette Marie Calafell, Syracuse University

This panel engages the conference theme of gauging the health of Performance Studies by offering intriguing mestiza performances which address Victor Turner's (1987) notion of liminality in newer ways. The panel includes fresh voices engaging for the first time, their own ideas of the 'betwixt and between' emphasized by Turner as the necessary ingredient of all social processes. The liminal identities enacted in these papers come from everywhere, nowhere, and elsewhere.

Like yesterday I have a list of short phrases and keywords I will be thinking about. I keep sharing them with you though I'm not sure they really mean anything to anyone else.

At 9:30 it was a really good session but I don't have many notes to share. Mostly I enjoyed watching the presentations and learned from their styles.

Sponsor: Ethnography Division
Chair: Patricia Sotirin, Michigan Technological University

"An Ethnography of Journalism: How Routines, Conventions and Ideology Play a Role in the Production of News." Ferruh Yilmaz, University of California, San Diego
"If You Say it, They Will Come: Hailing Hantu (ghosts) in Malay Interactional Working Consensuses." Cheryl Nicholas, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
"Smile! You're on Stage!: A Dramaturgical Analysis of a Hair Salon." Matthew S. Vorell, University of Colorado, Boulder
"Team Performance in a Family Restaurant: Doing Front Work on the Dramaturgical Stage." Bob M. Gassaway, University of New Mexico

Respondent: Jennifer L. Adams, DePauw University

At 11:00 am I changed pace and went to a session on children. I was particularly interested in the teenagers online paper.


Sponsor: Applied Communication Division
Chair: Patricia Amason, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

"Teenage Girls and Information Communication Technologies: and Its Members." C. Kay Weaver, University of Waikato
"The Role of Development Support Communication in Preventive Programs for the Street-children Problem in Brazil: A Case Study of Axe and Baguncaco." Juliana Maria da Silva, Howard University
"The Social Construction of Teasing." Carol B. Mills, University of Alabama
"Democracy, Dialogue, and Education: A Case Study of Conflict Resolution Education at Jefferson Junior High." Alane K. Smith, Ohio University; Lynn M. Harter, Ohio University

Respondent: Alice Crume, Kent State University, Tuscarawas

I found this panel very frustrating for two reasons, first, the respondent and some of the panelists seemed to take the point of view that face-to-face is the appropriate communication form and electronic is somewhat less. It's an old canard and I'm basically tired of it. Would they apply the same logic to telephone communication? I doubt it. Second there was a significant lack of understanding of child/adolescent development. I'm always amazed to hear presentations where someone says they have found something significant in their research when, in fact, they have only proven that child/adolescent development stages are a fact.

Well at 12:30 p.m. I had the pleasure of attending a nearly perfect panel.

Sponsor: Ethnography Division
Chair: Keith Berry, University of Wisconsin, Superior

"Every Garden Needs Some Tilling: Rigor, Critique, and Subjective 'Dirty Work' in the Craft of Autoethnography." Sarah Amira De la Garza, Arizona State University
"The Problem with Critiquing 'Auto': An Uncertain Nature of Emergent Ethnographic Identity." Keith Berry, University of Wisconsin, Superior
"The Reflexive Selves: Traversing Subjectivity, Representation, and Interpretation." Devika Chawla, Ohio University
"(Re)Marking (on) the Need for (My)Self in Research Studying Difference(s)." John T. Warren, Bowling Green State University

Respondent: Robin P. Clair, Purdue University

What made is perfect is that each paper was very strong on its own and then built well on the other papers in the panel. My hat is off to Keith for arranging a great panel.

Here are my phrases and keywords from this set of presentations:

At 2:00 p.m. I tried to hit this panel:

Sponsors: Performance Studies Division, Ethnography Division
Chair: John T. Warren, Bowling Green State University

Frederick C. Corey, Arizona State University
Norman K. Denzin, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
E. Patrick Johnson, Northwestern University
Della Pollock, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
D. Soyini Madison, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
John T. Warren, Bowling Green State University

The panelists brought together here represent only a few of the voices that have continued to develop and stretch the boundaries of performance ethnography research. Each has published in the area and continues to add a distinctive voice to the field. Together, these performance scholars can represent and craft a vision not only for where we are as an area of study, but imagine together a vision and future.

The room was completely full before I got there. After two panels people were smashed in fairly tight. The two papers I heard were excellent but I couldn't hack the press of the audience so I left, visited with Kaye Trammell for a bit, and got a very late lunch. Then I called it a conference day so I could work on grading and other stuff.

Posted by prolurkr at November 17, 2005 08:09 PM

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