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November 05, 2005

A house full of healthy critters...well “issues” don’t count

Today was pack-up the critters day and lug everyone across the county to the vet at 7:00 a.m. no less. I'm so glad we only have to do this once a year. *sigh* The sound is usually pretty horrific, four howling or whimpering cats in crates and a disgruntled dog who has been forced to listen to said cats against her will while restrained in the truck cab. All and all everyone is basically fine, though slightly grumpy from the trip.

Hemira, the link it to an older picture, is our big success story because she weighs over six pounds, 6.4 to be exact. She was a very sick little kitten for the first few months we had her. Lots of infections and antibiotics to fight them. She was barely over four pounds when she was spayed, four pounds was the minimum at which they would operate. So for her to have gained weight, and to be healthy and thriving makes it a red letter day.

Nix, our sweet boy and Hemira's brother, also checked out good to go. He is our rambunctious boy-child who seems to always have a fat lip with cuts and scraps, mostly because he gets ahead of himself and runs into things at full speed. I would like for him to figure out that as a black cat he is tough to see in the dark so laying down along a household pathway is a sure bet to getting yourself stepped on at night. LOL Seems like he can't seem learn that one. Of course in that instance I'm equally worried that I will be the one with the fat lip having fallen over the cat.

Miss China, the diva cat, checked out perfectly well except for her weight. Seems she has gained a pound or so over the last year, which in truth is probably down from what she weighed during the height of kitten chow for Hemira and Nix. Somebody in China's family tree had relations with a Maine Coon Cat and so we have a beautiful hybrid cat with all the usual Main Coon weight issues. What can I say she and I talk about livin' la viva loca; and both our tastes run to sushi though I like mine filleted in hand roll and she likes her's sashimi style. LOL

And then there is Miss Persephone (pictured above). Miss P, China's sister, is a tightly wound lady, if I were ever to have a Prozac candidate cat it would be her. She can't sit still for long usually. You pick her up and it's like holding a wriggling mass of snakes...snakes with claws and a loud yowl and wild golden eyes. At night she likes to get between hubby and I in bed and nurse the blankets, it is called wool sucking. If we lock the cats out of the bedroom at night, hubby is allergic and sometimes we have to so he can sleep, she will start throwing herself at the door around 4 a.m. demanding to be let in so she can hysterically suck wool. The only period when we have seen her consistently calmish is when the kittens, Hemira and Nix, came to live with us until they were mostly independent. Miss P was the perfect Mom-substitute, she cleaned them and fussed over them and generally took proper control of the situation. To bad we don't have unlimited space for kittens cause she would be a dream-foster-Mom forever I think but four cats is more than enough in truth, so now she gets to be tightly wound again.

Well today when we talked to the vet we got a diagnosis, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Treatment, none I'm going to use that's for sure, the link under "wool sucking" says some people put their pets down over way no how it's annoying yes but gezzz I'm not putting anything down just because it annoys me. LOL If I did that the carnage would be massive. LOL So I guess we will just deal with it, mostly we just try to reassure her that everything is ok and she is safe and loved. Well that and don't let the food and water bowls go empty for long...that really freaks her out when there is no food or water and she wants it now.

Finally Hannah, our aging German Short-Haired Pointer, checked out ok for her age. She has to have some surgery to remove a couple of large benign fatty growths off her breast-bone area. She is a pure-breed and this is a common problem that we have had to have done before. Though last time the doc made me sit and look at the junk they removed as he explained the surgery. Grooooooosssssss. Bloody chicken-fat lookin' stuff that I knew came out of my dog. *shivers* Well this time there is probably five-pounds of the stuff coming out minimum and I refuse to review it personally. I trust the doc that everything is ok, cause this is just far to gross. I want to be a Dr. but not that kinda Doctor. LOL

Posted by prolurkr at November 5, 2005 03:40 PM

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