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July 18, 2005

Myron Glick, a fond memoriam

Today I am writing about personally sad things first, I have two remembrances for people who passed away this weekend.

Myron Glick was probably the sweetest man I know. The fact that all of that light came packaged in a ruggedly handsome exterior was a constant wonder. I have known him all my life, at least all of it that mattered. I can remember him at community gatherings when I was in middle school years and he was in high school or college - always a smile, always a kind word, always there to lend a hand to someone who needed it and those qualities have never wavered as we have aged. I have always admired Myron, oh he was no saint, as the proverbial pile of my hair he pulled out one strand at a time when he sat behind me in choir will attest and that when we were in our 20's & 30's. LOL  He could be a devil if always a charming one.

Myron was a friend, we have eaten many lunches together, laughing about one thing or another, after crossing trails at the hardware store, or the mall, or by one of us slowly extending our lunch break since the other came into the diner as we were finishing.  I've listened to him glow about his children and their accomplishments, and he has listened to me and held my hand while I talked about my families illnesses and deaths.  In short I think we enjoyed each others company.

Oh we didn't really hang out together and we could go for long periods without crossing trails.  It was an in-joke between my hubby, Myron, and I that when hubby bumped into him, Myron would invariably get my name wrong.  How is "Lori" or "Linda" or "Lisa"?  But it was always clear that his forgetfulness was not a mark of disregard...rather just personal foible, an endearing one at that.  Of course the smile on his face when I would run into him in Big Lots or at Lowe's and the genuine light in his eyes would show that he truly was glad to see me.  On each of those in store encounters he would invariably have to explain everything in his cart to me and what he would be doing with it.  New faucets that Marybeth liked or something for the window in his daughter's bedroom.  Did he get all his projects done?  I have no idea, but I do know that he made the purchases for his family and always had plans to make their lives nicer, better, and prettier.

Myron died on Saturday of what appears to be massive heart failure.  He was to young, to health, just to nice to be the first of my friends to die of anything I can think of as an age related issue.  Everyone of our age range, I have to talked to today, is hit by it...Myron is the first.  I don't think it is just the selfish reminder of our own mortalities as much as it is a reminder of all our mortality.  We are getting older, all of us, and this will be a more common thing...people we know well will be passing not from accidents or the odd cancer occurrence but rather from standard things we think of happening to our parents or grandparents, not to us.  We all have the same glazed looks in our eyes as we talk can't have been can't have been one of us.

The following is part of his obituary from The Republic

Myron L. Glick, 54, died unexpectedly from natural causes at 11:45 a.m. Saturday, July 16, 2005, at his home.

Mr. Glick was a partner in L & M Glick Seed Co. and Glick Seed Service. He was a member of St. Paul Lutheran Church - Clifty where he had served as an elder for many years and sang in the choir. A 1974 graduate of Purdue University, he was a director for the Indiana Soybean Board for many years and was the Indiana representative on the North Central Soybean Research Program where he had served as treasurer and a member of Indiana Crop Improvement Association.

He was very active in the professional seed production industry. He enjoyed trail riding and breeding horses, playing bridge and gardening. Mr. Glick was a loving and caring husband and father who will be greatly missed for his gentle strength.

Mr. Glick was born June 6, 1951, in Shelbyville, the son of Lynn and Donna Solomon Glick. He married Marybeth VonFange on Dec. 27, 1975, in Columbus.

Survivors include his wife, Marybeth; a daughter, Lisa (Greg) Scott of Colorado Springs, Colo.; sons, Trevor Glick and fiancee Kelly DeClue, both of Columbus, and Brett Glick of Colorado Springs; his parents, of Columbus; sisters, Linda Glick-Forster of Columbus, Mary (Jerry) Williams of Indianapolis, and Karen (Brian) Forster of Decatur, Ill.; and several nieces and nephews.

Myron I will miss your sweet smile and you devilish grin, rest well.

Posted by prolurkr at July 18, 2005 04:25 PM

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Thank you for these kinds words about my wonderful father. It helps the pain to know that people remember him and miss him too.

Posted by: Lisa at August 16, 2006 06:07 PM

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