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June 30, 2004

The Night Aunt Lois Exploded the Toilet Brush

Ok I'm an academic, if I had been good at household chores I might actually have a spotless house. I always figured classes and such were a good way to get out of the domestic requirements of life. I mean whose going to say that taking out the trash is more important then getting a class paper done, right?

Well one of my nieces is staying over with us tonight. It's been a bit of a camping trip for her since the water in the house was off earlier while hubby fixed a leak. Thank the gods my in-laws live close by so we could borrow the "necessary" when needed.

My niece and I were talking while hubby was in the basement and I was putting away the nonperishable items we had brought home from the grocery. The last item to be put away was the refill canister for my new Lysol Ready Brush. Now this is a very nifty tool. You slide the canister into the handle. Then to use the brush you set a switch to on and push down on a button and whammmmo foam blows out the end of the brush were it can be quickly worked into any stains. Very neat, especially for cleaning-phobics like me.

Well I decided to go ahead and refill the brush even though I was not planning on using it this evening. What would I clean since we had no water? We were still talking as I moved from the kitchen to the bath and popped out the old canister then slide in the new one. I had to fight a bit to get the handle back on and locked, but I have never been good with things that have instructions like "insert tab A into slot 10." Then it happened, the final click and the canister was seated...and suddenly...the locking tab made a hiss and blue foam shot out of the hole around the tab in a thin high pressure stream. Blue foam shot everywhere...the bathroom walls the floor even had it in my hair. I started laughing. I mean come on I'm standing on the bathroom holding a toilet brush that is shooting foam all over the place. Wouldn't you laugh? Well my niece came running into the bathroom to find out why I was laughing so hard and got to see most of the show laughing along with me. Finally I dropped the brush into the bathtub and continued to laugh while it emptied it's contents. Blue foam covered the bottom about 0.5 inches deep.

Figuring the worst was over I went to the kitchen and paper toweled the foam out of my hair. Then back to the bathroom to rinse the bathtub out as soon as we had water. Now the tub is sparkling clean and I need another new canister of cleaner. But doesn't my hair smell clean and country fresh. LOL I'm quiet sure my niece will be telling the strange but true story of The Night Aunt Lois Exploded the Toilet Brush. Sleep overs with the relatives are family stories in the making.

Posted by prolurkr at June 30, 2004 11:07 AM

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